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Run your Spell in development

Hit run to see the result

Once your code is written and you want to test it, you can click on the Run button.

Run Spell dev

The console panel will automatically open and execute your Spell. After few seconds, you should see logs and your Spell response:

Run Spell dev response

  1. On top of the console, you'll see the global result of your Spell
  2. Inside the logs, you'll see all data and error logged using console.log(), and console.error() methods. If a JSON object is logged, you'll be able to explore it.
  3. At the bottom, you'll see the result and the JSON send back by your Spell

Dev, run and repeat

You can adjust your code and click on Run directly: a Save is done automatically before running your Spell.

Fix the connectors errors

You may encounter some errors on your Spell's connectors while running it. That's normal, so don't worry 😌

Despite our work on connectors, mandatory fields and instructions, APIs can have some "logic rules" not explained by the documentation.

Watch for errors message which are mainly self-explanatory and, if needed, check on official documentation website. You can find some hints or instructions not written inside the API documentation.

Run Spell dev connector error

Example of a connector error where the ID is provided, but the format don't respect the API's standard

See the previous executions

You can go to the logs page to see the previous executions. More information about the logs here.