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Choosing a connector

Once you've chosen an API, you'll be able to select the endpoint you want to use inside your Spell. We call them connectors.

Filter connector by HTTP method

You can filter the available connectors by HTTP method: GET, POST, PUT, PATCH and DELETE.

Filter by method

These methods are following some standards, so by the method only, you can determine what this endpoint will do. Here are some explanations:

  • GET is for retrieving information
  • POST for creating new entry
  • PUT and PATCH to update data
  • DELETE to delete an entry

These are rules are standards and followed by many developers, but don't be surprise if some APIs use for example a POST method to retrieve information instead of a GET.

Search a connector

You have a search input to filter all endpoints by title or by their description.

Search endpoint

Details of a connector

You can click on an endpoint to display some detail about it:

Detail connector

We'll give the following indications:

  • An authentication is needed or not and, if so, the type of authentication
  • All the required parameters
  • All the optional parameters
  • Details and description for each parameter

These details will help you to choose the right endpoint and prepare the right data to call these connectors.

Use a connector

When you find the connector you need for your use case, you can add it to your Spell by simply click on the "Use" button. This will select the API and connector and prepare your Spell for it use.

Use connector