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Accessing Spells through Meta API keys

What is a Meta-API key?

To request a spell from Meta-API via a GET or POST HTTP request you need to provide an API key, either in the headers or as a query parameter (using apikey).

You need a key to secure the access of your Spell and to ensure that no-one can run it without your permission.

To access your API keys, click on the Meta-API Keys link in the left menu bar.


A default API key is provided to you with access to all your spells, you can delete it if you wish to.

Create a new key

To create a new key, simply click on the Add a new API key button at the right top corner.

A new form will be created at the top of the page, the only requirement is to set a name, once done click on Save and the key will be generated automatically.

Create API key

Restrain a Spell to a specific key

By default, this key is available for all your spells. To restrict to one or more, click on the Restrict this key dropdown menu and a list of your spells will be displayed. Enter the name of your spell to filter and click on it to add the restriction. There is no limit to the number of spells you can set access.

Restrict API key

Deactivate a key

We recommend disabling a key before delete it. That'll help you to be sure that this key is not used anymore in any of your apps or applications.

To disable a click, click on the API key active button to disable it and then Save the modification.

Disable API key

If you want to reactivate your get, do the same operation by clicking on API key inactive

Renew a key

We recommend you to renew periodically your API key. To do it, you can follow this guide:

  1. Create a new key with the same Spells restrictions (if some)
  2. Update the key in all your services and apps
  3. Wait few hours or a day and check the Last use on the old key
  4. Disable the old key and wait some time to be sure nothing is broken
  5. Delete the old key