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Spell's logs and monitoring

Spell stats

Inside your Spell detail page, you'll find some statistics about your Spell:

Spell stats

  1. Number of errors find in your Spell, to make some correction if needed
  2. Number of successful requests, to check if everything work fine
  3. The average latency to follow the performance of your Spell (linked to your billed compute time)

You'll find a yellow line inside the graph, indicating your last released version. That'll help you to check performances and number of errors before and after your next release.

Connectors stats in Spell

Inside the Spell's connectors panel, you'll find for each connector inside your Spell three metrics:

Connectors stats

  1. Number of requests done on this connector (API's endpoint)
  2. The percent of successful requests
  3. The average latency time per connector

All these stats are calculated since the last release.

Spell logs

You can consult all the production logs on your Spell for the last 48h.

You can click on each line to show some details and see your console logs.

Spell detail logs

If you need to go back in time, click on the access your monitoring button to go to the log page.