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What is Meta API?

Meta API is a SaaS platform allowing you to connect, integrate and automate hundreds of API behind a single one. Basically, Meta API is a... meta API 😉, an API that encapsulate others APIs.

Based on a JavaScript / Typescript code editor, Meta API offers you a development platform where you can build and explore new ways to connect the applications you use every day.

An automation, known as Spell, allows you and your team to quickly build new prototypes for your clients, create new workflows for your internal teams and ease the pain of maintain legacy project.

Create and publish new Spell in seconds without stopping or compromise your application production. Our Spells are serverless functions who can be deployed rapidly and worked only when you need them.

Monitor each calls to Meta API and be alerted if something went wrong on any connected API. We'll email you to inform what happens and how you can quickly fix the issue or find a workaround.

Since we're working with Open API Specification (OAS), you can import your own API or a specialized API who isn't in our catalog.