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Quick Start

In order to make Meta-API has powerful as it is, here are some tips to starts with Meta-API.
You can find progress of this tutorial in the platform by clicking the "πŸ€”" button on the right corner.

Let's make it rain confettis πŸŽ‰


1. Read the onboard page#

The simpliest action you can do! Read the onboard page after your registration. Just click on the "I'm ready! Bring me to My First Spell" button to complete it ☺️.

2. Save and test a Spell for the first time#

Select a Spell from the Spell's list, you'll arrive on the Spell's editor. In order to save and test the current Spell, you have to click on the "Run" button. Clicking "Save" will only save your Spell in the database.

3. Obtain a valid response from a Spell#

Running your Spell will launch a request of your Spell, getting the params from the Test's panel. When the request is complete, it will show the data request in the Response insert.

To valid this step, the Spell should return a valid JSON object with a 2xx/3xx server response.

4. Add a Connector to a Spell#

Meta-API's mission is to make APIs communicate between them. To do so, add a Connector to a Spell by clicking the "Add a Connector" button. A modal will appear that let you choose an API, then a Connector (API's endpoints) and will finish by a quick description of the Connector such as: params, response sample and response schema.

Click "Add a connector" and it will be added to your Spell, ready to be configure.

5. Test a Spell with a newly added Connector#

You added a new Connector? Configured it? Now it is time to test your newly Connector! Redo the step #2 and see your manipulation go live!

6. Create your first release#

To use your Spell in production, you'll need to create a release first. Go to the Releases panel and click "Draft a new release", fill up the form that appears and click "create".

7. Promote a release to production#

You drafted a new release, now to deploy it in production click "Promote to production". The code's Spell is now deploying (<1min) to a serverless function and will be available on live right after.
By open "Snippets & URLs", you can access to some link to test your freshly promoted Spell in a new browser tab. Try it!

8. Create a new Spell on your account#

In Meta-API, you can create your own Spells to achieve some amazing actions!
Click on the "Create a new Spell" on the Spell's list, fill the form and you can start to edit and do some magic! Follow from the step #2 to fully understand the concept of Spells.

9. Create a new authentication on a Connector and test it#

Some Connector will need an authentication to work. From your Spell, click on the authentication dropdown and select "Create a new authentication account".
Follow the steps regarding the type of authentication and you're all set up! Test your Spell (step 5) to assure everything is good.

10. Use a variable from your code in a Connector#

Sometimes, you need to use variable into your Connector to be more dynamic. In Meta-API, it's simple: choose your Connector on the right in the Spell editor and click on the chain button at the right of any input.
A dropdown will appear, choose the adequate variable and it will connect automatically!

11. Add a custom Meta-API's key on a Spell#

By default, you have a key that allows you to request yours Spells from your applications.


This key is private and should remains private for your own Spells security

However, you can add more Meta-API keys from the Meta-API's key page to your account and limit it to some Spells.
You can now filter who is accessing your Spells and when.