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How to deploy a Spell in production?

Once your spell is ready to go live, you can create a new version and deploy it in production from the Manage versions in Spell's detail page or the Deploy button on the Spell's editor.

Create a version

In Version history you can see all the versions you created before. To create a new version, you can click on the button Create a new version which will prompt you to set a title and a description for your version. Choose Save draft to simply save your code in the version history or Deploy in production to save it and deploy it immediately.

Release pop-in

Promote a version

If you choose to save a draft for your version, you can promote it to production when you are ready from the Version history. You can also redeploy an older version from here.

Promote to Production

After a few seconds your version is available on production ! 🎉

List of productions

Delete a version

In Version history you can delete a version that is not in production.

Release delete

Import previous code

You can import the code to the editor from one of your old versions by clicking Compare code and Import version

Import version