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Making your API public

Making sure your API is working

Before making your API public, you should ensure your API is working.

You can create a Spell inside Meta API and test the authentication and some connectors.

Bonus: you can check is the connector's autocompletion is working well inside the code editor. That's a game changer for developers.

Add correct information

A well describe API is an API that can be easily found :)

Go inside the catalog and open your private API.

Check your private API

You should check all the metadata fields and add a link to a logo. You can use the imgbb service to host your images if needed.

Fill helper to authenticate

Fill the Authentication help field to add some guidance for users if your API need specific parameters or actions.

You can, for example, add a guide on how you can retrieve credentials for your API.

Request your API to be public

Once everything is verified, click on Submit your API to the public catalog. Our team will receive a notification and will check your API.